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How to use our service:
1. Email your surgery details to us at Or or contact David on 0416 116 988,
2. We will send the user name and password to you by email.
3. Simply log on to the website and add your orders.
4. We will arrange to pick up your jobs.
5. Jobs will be returned in 8 working days for normal jobs and 6 working days for urgent ones.
Express service:
Express service will send the jobs back to you in 3 working days.
The services include:
Bite Rim, Special Trays, Denture Process to Finish, Simple Repairs...
Bleaching Trays, Occlusal Splints, Night Guard, Mouthguard...
How to calculate working days:
Working Day 1:   Jobs received by us before 11am. (Jobs received after 11am will be calculated from 
                           the next day)
Working Day 6*: Urgent jobs sent to you before 5pm.
Working Day 8:   Normal jobs sent to you before 5pm.
*Urgent jobs take 6 working days. 10% surcharge applies. Working days do not include the weekend.
Dental jobs:
Please send silicone or rubber impressions only. If there are any problems, we will contact you by phone or email with suggestions.


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